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10 Best Funny Books for Kids

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28 February, 2023


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There’s never a good time to laugh with your kid. It may be while watching a funny TV show, playing around, or having a good read. Encouraging your child to be immersed in good books like humorous ones will help them find comedic relief. 

Good books are those that can keep children of all ages engaged. These books on the list will surely keep your child entertained! Enjoy a good time with your kid while diving into the great stories of these books!

The Book With No Pictures

Before you ask, the answer is yes; this children’s book does not include any photos. The book’s author, “The Office’s” B.J. Novak, acknowledges up front that a book without illustrations would appear “boring” and “serious,” but it’s not.

It is a hilarious and creative read-aloud that takes advantage of the need for the reader to pronounce everything written. The joke is on you, parents, so be ready to seem quite stupid when your child squeals with delight.

I Don’t Want to Be a Frog

The ideal book for your child is the popular one about a stubborn little frog with a significant identity issue and his bitter father! It concerns a frog who aspires to be anything except a slimy, damp frog. 

A cat, maybe. Maybe a bunny. An owl? However, when a wolf that HATES eating frogs shows along and becomes hungry, the frog realizes that maybe being himself isn’t a terrible thing after all.

We Found a Hat

Hold on to your hats for Caldecott Medalist Jon Klassen’s last installment of the acclaimed hat trilogy, which he surprises us with. It tells the story of two turtles who find a hat and what happens when they decide to leave it alone. Make sure to have a good laugh with your kid!

Let Me Finish

Let Me Finish is a good and funny picture book for bedtime. The main character is a little boy who finds it impossible to have a relaxing reading session without an animal disturbing him and damaging the book. Children will want to read and repeat this novel because of the metafictional twist that author Minh Lê has added because of its humor and wonder!

Someday a Bird Will Poop on You

This is a funny graphic book with encouraging lessons about resiliency and significant child appeal from feces. The ideal humorous book, Someday a Bird Will Poop on You, is a serious yet lighthearted alternative.

Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus

Young readers will relate to Pigeon’s antics as they laugh out loud at him, trying to get out of whatever he must or must not do! Your child will undoubtedly enjoy reading this book!

A highly unusual volunteer steps up to take the place of the bus driver when he takes a break from his route—a pigeon! But you’ve never encountered one quite like this. 

Children will enjoy being able to respond to him and choose his destiny as he begs, wheedles, and pleads his way through the book.

The Serious Goose

Jimmy Kimmel, a late-night comic, wrote and drew The Serious Goose, a witty and entertaining book in which readers are tasked with persuading a glum goose to laugh. The secret to success is being as ridiculous as possible so the process is enjoyable.

Octopus Stew

Ramsey seeks to save his grandmother when the octopus she is preparing comes to life and confines her in this lovely, graphically striking book with two tales. This entertaining, varied narrative will appeal to children, who will also appreciate the comedic story’s hilarious tone!

Interrupting Chicken

This book, which is all about nighttime reading, may be too humorous to read before bed. Little Chicken wants to avoid seeing her favorite fairy tale characters make errors when her father reads her a story before night. As a result, she keeps interrupting to rewrite her famous tales.

The Chicken Squad: The First Misadventure

In these humorous chapter books for beginning readers, a group of four hens bands together to go on hilarious adventures. Therefore, accompany your child when they embark on their exciting journeys.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Funny Books for Kids

What are the best funny books for kids?

We cannot count the number of wonderful children’s books that have caused us to laugh or even shed a tear during our lives; nevertheless, we can list on the fingers of only a few hands the titles that have nearly caused me to snort milk out of my nose. 

These books should surely make a great laugh between you and your kid and make them tell you to repeat it again and again!

Why should kids read funny books?

The art of comedy is essential. It is necessary, particularly for children. It provides a chance to have a good chuckle and might give some relaxation. 

It is a survival strategy that softly assists us in getting through difficult circumstances when we are unsure whether or not we can. The laughter produced by books is a fundamental component of human contact because it can forge bonds and bring people closer to one another.

How will I know if these books are funny and compelling?

You can see it with the response of your kid! If they want to keep you going while having a good laugh, it’s the best book for the kid!

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