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11 Baby Girl Room Ideas 

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17 February, 2023


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Your baby girl is due to arrive soon, but you haven’t set up your baby’s room yet. Fortunately, we love pointing new parents in the right direction.

Like a princess, your little angel deserves only the best. After all, what are all her dresses and tutus without a fitting room she can grow up in? Your house might not be a castle, but you can make her room feel like something plucked from a fairytale. 

From colors to themes, here are a few ideas to get you started:

Baby Girl Room Ideas by Color 

Courtesy of The Spruce

The easiest and probably the fastest method to decorate your baby girl’s room is by simply painting the walls and ceiling with a single color —a color motif. These are the most popular colors to choose from:

Pink baby room

Pink gives off a feeling of safety and calmness. Paint your baby girl’s room pink to keep your baby feeling relaxed and at ease. It’s the same reason several hospital nurseries come in pink color. 

Brown baby room

Despite being an earthy and neutral color, brown can also be used as a motif in nurseries for baby girls. Like pink, brown (especially light brown) provides a feeling of safety, stability, and security.  

Golden pink baby room

Pink, mixed with a hint of gold, adds a sense of cheerfulness to the relaxing vibe. The golden hue might be subdued compared to yellow, but it still lightens the effects of pink. 

Purple baby room

Another popular feminine color, purple, is also used in decorating nurseries for baby girls. Like pink, purple has a soothing effect and a kind of gentleness that is closely associated with femininity and grace. It gives a more serious vibe than pink, though. 

Red baby room

You can also use red for your baby girl’s nursery but try to use paler shades of red instead of darker hues. Overly vibrant red can be too stimulating and might make your baby girl a little too active.  

Theme-Based Nursery Decor Ideas

Courtesy of The Home Depot

You can just go for themed designs if you need more than one color. These are some of the more popular baby girl nursery themes. 

Princess-themed nursery

Treat your baby girl like royalty by surrounding her with princesses in a princess-themed nursery.

Floral-themed nursery

Girls have a natural fondness for flowers. As parents, you can foster their love for flowers and beautiful things with a floral nursery. It’s also a great way to introduce plenty of colors to your baby. 

Elephant-themed nursery

Ignite your baby girl’s love for animals with an elephant-themed nursery. These gentle giants easily capture little girls’ hearts in an almost similar way to puppies. 

Woodland-themed nursery

You can also use neutral, earthly tones like brown and green to soothe your baby girl. In the case of woodland-themed nurseries, it helps make your little girl comfortable early on with outdoor activities such as camping or hiking. 

Disney-themed nursery

You can also go all Disney with your baby room design for your little girl. Surround her with some of Disney’s most popular characters like Olaf (the snowman), Ana and Elsa, or Cinderella. 

Fairy tale-themed nursery

If you want to make her grow up with a particular fondness for magic, you can use a fairy tale theme to dress up her room. Let her sense of wonder and imagination run free with fairies and other magical creatures surrounding her all the time. 

Small Room Nursery Ideas for Baby Girl

Courtesy of Organization Obsessed

Designing a nursery room with limited space can be challenging. Try the following ideas to increase and maximize the space in your baby girl’s room:

  • Paint the walls white or with something light. Light colors give a feeling of openness and create the illusion of a bigger space.
  • Choose open landscape themes or paint a landscape scene on the walls of your nursery. 
  • Go for slim furniture and other items in the room. 
  • Utilize the ceiling for decor, so you don’t have to clutter the walls too much.
  • Include a window in the room.

Budget-Friendly Nursery Ideas for Baby Girl

Courtesy of

You don’t have to spend much money designing your baby girl’s room. Try the following tips for a budget-friendly nursery. 

  • Decorate your nursery by painting instead of buying wallpapers and stickers.
  • Go for a minimalist theme or stick to a single-color motif.
  • If you don’t have a crib yet, choose a convertible one that might be converted later into a toddler’s bed or a mini sofa when your baby girl grows up.

Frequently Asked Questions on Baby Girl Room Ideas

How do I decorate my baby girl’s new room?

Follow these steps:

  1. Find out your budget and the size of the nursery room for your baby girl.
  2. Choose an appropriate motif or theme based on your room size and budget. Go for something simple, practical, and light-colored if you have a smaller-sized nursery. Sky, beach, and open landscape themes will make your room seem more spacious. 
  3. Make your baby girl’s room comfy for you and your baby so you wouldn’t mind it even if you spend long hours inside. Bring in pillows, a beanbag, or a cozy chair. Just make it extra comfortable. 

What is the best color for a baby girl’s room?

There is no designated official color for baby girls’ rooms. However, pink is the most commonly used of all the feminine colors. If pink is not your thing, try light purple, yellow, or even some neutral earth colors like green or brown. 

How do you maximize space in a small nursery for a baby girl?

Try these tips if you have limited space for your nursery. 

  • Keep only the necessary items in the nursery (baby cabinet, mom’s chair, waste bin). If the thing isn’t urgently needed, keep it outside the nursery.
  • Use the top of your baby cabinet as your changing table. This way, you eliminate the need to take up more floor space, and there’s less clutter in the room. 
  • Keep your baby girl’s nursery theme simple and less detail-oriented. 
  • Use slim furniture or items inside your nursery. 
  • If possible, make a window. The natural light and the outside scenery make a significant impact in expanding the space in your baby’s room. 

What are some modern room ideas for a baby girl?

If you want a more modern look for your baby girl’s room, you can try a checkered pattern, a black and white theme, or even some abstract. 

What are some simple room ideas for a baby girl?

If you want to keep your baby girl’s room simple and neat, you can always use the minimalist approach – single color, less clutter, and clean-looking. If you don’t like minimalism, you can also try a sky theme or a single-pattern design. 

What are the best themes for a newborn girl’s nursery?

Newborns can’t see clearly yet, so colors and patterns will not matter much to them. You can go for any theme you like at this stage. However, it’s a different story when they turn five months old. At this time, they will have fully developed eyesight, enabling them to appreciate your nursery theme’s colors and textures.  

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