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R Words For Kids

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11 March, 2023


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Having a rich and complex vocabulary is a great advantage for every kid. This will help them in their education, communication skills, and even in day-to-day activities. Teaching them new words will be both a challenge and reward for parents and guardians alike. There are a lot of words that begin with the letter R that are really easy to teach and even easier for kids to understand. Take a look at this article to have an idea on easy R words and what are some of the activities that you can do when you are teaching your kids.

List of R words for kids

Courtesy of Scholastic

There are a lot of words that are kid-friendly. There are even more words that are easy for kids to remember and understand. We have compiled some of the R words that are easy for kids to learn. Check out these words that will help younger kids up to toddler age:

R words for kids


List of kindergarten R words for kids

R words for kindergarten kids


List of preschool R words for kids

Preschool words that start with R


Names of things that start with R

List of things that start with R


Names of foods that start with R

List of foods that start with R


Courtesy of Timur Weber

Names of Vegetables that start with R

List of Vegetables that start with R


Names of fruits that start with R

List of fruits that start with R


Cool words that start with R

Courtesy of Medical Xpress

There are a lot of words that will entice kids to learn more. Cool words are definitely one of those words. Teach them cool words and they will be more than excited to be educated! Here are some cool words that begin with the letter R:

List of cool words that start with R


Fun Words that start with R

Courtesy of PBS

When we say fun and having fun, kids are at the front of the line. Kids love to have fun with their friends and families. Sometimes even with strangers or new people they just met! With teaching them fun words, they will be able to use it on a daily basis and this will make them remember the words easier. Check out this list of fun words that start with the letter R:

List of fun words that start with R


Positive words that start with R

Courtesy of Anastasia Shuraeva

A kid’s positive attitude is grounded in the way they are raised and how they are taught. When teaching kids vocabulary, you should also teach them positive words. This way, they will be able to use positive words in conversations and many more. Here are positive words beginning with the letter R that will help your kid build confidence and a great character:

List of positive words that start with R


List of vocabulary words that begin with the letter R

Courtesy of Learn with Homer

As we have mentioned earlier, having a great vocabulary is essential in securing your kid’s success. Teaching them more words will help them be more confident in conversing with other people and using what they learned in school. Here is a list of vocabulary words the starts with the letter R:

3 letter R words for kids

  • Red
  • Run
  • Ran
  • Row
  • Ray

4 letter R words for kids

  • Real
  • Roam
  • Rage
  • Rack
  • Ramp

5 letter R words for kids

  • Right
  • Rebel
  • Rider
  • Rhyme
  • Recap

More R words for kids

  • Report
  • Recent
  • Really
  • Random
  • Roller

Activities that help in learning R words for kids

Courtesy of Yan Krukau

Learning should always be fun. When learning is fun, it will be easier for the parents to encourage the kids to listen and understand all the new information. Having a lot of educational and fun activities will boost your kid’s willingness to learn.

Here are some of the best activities to help kids learn R words:

Building Blocks

Courtesy of US Nanny Association

All you need to do is have building blocks with different letters of the English alphabet. Instruct the kids to create a building block made of words that start with the letter R such as Rat, Rug, Rack, etc. Then give a short description of the word. 

It is a bit difficult for kids, but it is fun! Just don’t forget to pick words that are already familiar to them so they will not have a hard time.

Word Search

Courtesy of Gamesver

This is one tricky but fun activity for you and your kids! You just need to find appropriate word search puzzles or make your own! 

You only need to ensure that in those word search puzzles, there are a lot of relatively easy words with fourteen letters in some not-so-easy patterns for your kids. Make them encircle or cross out the words that begin with the letter R that they see, and voila! Another fun-filled educational activity for your kids!


Courtesy of Pinterest

Who would have thought that a classic board game could be used as a learning opportunity for your kids? This could be played with not just one companion but even more. Now, to make it, particularly about words that start with the letter R, you should ensure that you have instructions that only cater to words with fourteen letters in them. Prepare your kids for one exciting scrabble game! 

Have more fun and entertaining learning sessions and show this to your kid: Letter R words for Kids

Frequently Asked Questions on R Words For Kids

What are some of the R words for kids?

  • Rug
  • Rib
  • Rat
  • Rep
  • Rig
  • Rub
  • Rut
  • Rob
  • Ray
  • Raw

What are some of the Kindergarten R words for kids?

  • Rabbit
  • Raccoon
  • Race
  • Rat
  • Rice
  • Roll
  • Rainbow
  • Room
  • Rush
  • Rug

What are some Preschool R Words for Kids?

  • Rank
  • Rip
  • Ring
  • Reward
  • Read
  • Rake
  • Reptile
  • Rule
  • Rude
  • Ranch

What are some easy words that start with R?

  • Rug
  • Ramp
  • Rock
  • Railway
  • River
  • Radio
  • Roots
  • Rope
  • Rose
  • Rod

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