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10 Hairstyles for Infant Girls

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23 February, 2023


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Finally, this is the moment you have been waiting for! This is not just for you to enjoy but also for your baby girl. We know exactly what you’re thinking about when you see your baby born. Yes, it is about the midnight cries, endless breastfeeding, and so on. 

But there’s more to it; it is about giving her the best hairstyle possible! This is an enjoyable thing for a mom, and it also forms a great bond with your little angel.

Haircut for Infant Girls

Nothing can exceed the feeling of brushing, styling, and attaching girly accessories to your baby girl’s hair. It is like returning to your childhood days when you take your time in front of the mirror. Whether you are playing with your baby girl at home or going out with her for a stroll, it is essential to do her hair.

To help you with the hairstyling, here is a list of different, gorgeous hairstyles that you have for your precious one:

Courtesy of The Right Hairstyles

Braid for Short Bobs

If your baby has short bobs, this braided look is perfect for her. Have a side part and work with the braid. You can use four or more strands here to enhance the braid further, and it should start from the front. The direction of the plat must be in a diagonal line and end before the crown. Match this cute hairstyle with the bow at the end of the braid!

Courtesy of G3 Fashion

Bangs with French Braid

Can’t get enough with braids? Here’s more of it! If you want to make your baby’s face clear of her sweet bangs, then swing these bangs to one side and make a braid out of it. You can put a cute band or small pony at the end, and viola! She’s ready to go.

Photo by Skyla

Curly Hair with a Headband on Top

Love her little, natural curls even more with this headband! Any sweet headband will do its job of pushing your baby’s hair upwards to get rid of it off her face. You can also use some baby-friendly pomade to make her bangs behave.

Courtesy of The Right Hairstyles                                   

Flat Twists and a Braid

To make a classy flat twist, separate a massive section with the top hair. The number of braids will be up to you, so divide the section to your preference. The left-most part will be for the French braid, and you can stop at the part where you want to start your braided band. Take time to complete the flat twist. Make sure to have it double-checked after you finish this hairstyle.

Courtesy of Kylee Pickering

Flat Twists and Two Knots

Your adorable baby will love this lovely hairstyle! Do not worry if she has short hair because this is where the magic will start. Part her hair on one side, and frake a high knot with a smaller section. Make a flat diagonal twist from the hairline and stop when you reach the first-knot level. Have it all tied up to the second one, and ensure it is aligned with the first one. Way to go!

Courtesy of Neway Look

Braided Top with Bow

Thick hair for your baby girl? This hairstyle has three sections to have a fully divided amount of hair across your sweet angel’s head. Starting from the hairline, make a French braid and stop when it’s middle-length already. Hold the two sections and pull them all together into a ponytail. Put a bow on it, and let your baby look at herself in the mirror!

Courtesy of Lillian Grace

Side Parted Hairstyle with Bow Pin

Does your baby have short and not-so-thick hair? Then there is a simple, side-part hairstyle for her. Simply side-part your baby’s hair and clip it with a beautiful bow pin. Less is more, as they say!

Courtesy of Bellaloved Bows

Easy Pigtails with Bow

Rush hours and do not have time for braids? This is an easy yet gorgeous hairstyle for your precious one! Two divided sections will be needed, and tie both with two cute bows. If your baby’s front hair is still short, divide the sections into four. Just put all the areas with a bow for another adorable look!

Courtesy of Baby Wisp

Wide Headband for Short Hair

Short hair? There’s no problem with that! All you need is a wide headband with any design you love. Let your baby wear this giant headband for a simple yet astonishing look!

Courtesy of Abby Apples

A Flower Headband

No one should underestimate the power of a flower headband! This quick and easy hairstyle will make your baby girl stand out, even if it’s as simple as it can be! Make a side part and put on this flowery headband. Your baby’s adorable look will be enhanced with the headband!

What Else to Remember When Styling Your Baby Girl’s Hair

Match your baby’s face shape and hair type to your desirable hairstyle

Do you feel overwhelmed with the different beautiful hairstyles for baby girls? Then, the following ideas will help you land the best hairstyle you could ask for your little one.

  • Straight hair and perfect for all face shapes: A Bob cut with a hairpin look
  • Medium-length hair and oval-shaped faces: A braided look
  • All hair types and face shapes: A short and wavy Bob cut
  • Long hair and all face shapes: An overall ponytail with a ribbon
  • Curly hair and oval or round-shaped face: A curly look with a ribbon
  • Short and medium-length straight hair and heart-shaped face: A Double Ponytail Look

Know when your infant can wear headbands

All the mommies out there are eager to let their little angels wear different hair accessories. Those cute and colorful accessories give a stunning look, but we must remember the proper time to deal with these adorable things. 

  • Let your baby wear an accessory around her head. Don’t wear it around her scalp.
  • Observe if she has an adverse action towards it. If she doesn’t, then take note of this accessory. Don’t let it be too tight for her.
  • As much as possible, stick with cotton-made fabrics. This will give them more comfort.

If there are no adverse effects on her, then it is a good signal for you to let your baby girl wear comfy and safe hair accessories for her best hairstyle!

Frequently Asked Questions on Hairstyles for Infant Girls

Which is the best haircut for a baby girl?

It will be the bob haircut! A bob look for your baby girl will make her even more adorable. Bob haircuts are ideal for straight hair types; these also go perfectly with all face shapes! Bob haircuts will never go out of style, so this is perfect for your little one.

When can you start doing baby girl’s hair?

You can start when your baby needs a proper hairstyle, so it depends on the baby. You should also make sure that she is prepared for it. There is no exact time, but if your baby is now prepared and needs a proper hairstyle, it is time for you to do her hair.

How do you style baby girl hair?

Determine what face shape and hair type your baby girl has. This way, you can quickly know what kind of hairstyle goes well with your baby girl. There are Bob cuts, bangs, flat twists, braids, ponytails, and much more. You can also style your baby’s hair with safe accessories; just make sure your baby is ready!

What can I style my newborn’s hair with?

There are many hair accessories to choose from! There are bows, ribbons, headbands, ponytails, and so on. Make sure that it is soft and cotton-made to prevent accidents and rashes. Observe your baby girl to see if she is comfortable with the hair accessories.

How do you style natural baby hair?

You can style your baby’s natural hair by applying a kid-friendly pomade. Make sure that it has no adverse effect on her. You can also use mild and kid-friendly products on her but ensure that if needed. You can make it natural and use a soft comb with your baby’s delicate hair.

Can I put my 2-month-old hair in a ponytail?

For a 2-month-old, it is still early for her to have a ponytail. You can have various soft substitutes for this, and it can be a silk headband. A smooth wide headband will also be an excellent substitute for a ponytail. Remember that the headband should not be too tight, which will irritate your baby’s head.

Why do people put bows on girl babies?

Bows are a great way of styling your baby’s hair because it comes in different sizes and colors. It also helps in enhancing your baby’s adorable look. Bows are also perfect hair accessories for your little girl because they love them!

When can babies start wearing headbands?

They can start as long as they are ready for it. Headbands help babies’ heads warm and can also protect their heads. There are suitable headbands for babies, which is perfect for them. Ensure the headband is not too tight around your baby’s head.

Can headbands hurt a baby’s soft spot?

No, it won’t hurt the baby, even her soft spot. Soft spots are made up of strong connective tissues that won’t let anything harm the brain. It will protect the baby’s head. Make sure that the headbands are still baby-friendly and soft to wear.

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