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H Words For Kids

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28 February, 2023


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It is important to improve the kids’ vocabulary while they’re young as this can help them achieve success. There are a lot of words children can learn to create amazing stories and learn good attitudes.. With this, kids need to know how to spell and use letters that start with the letter H. It can be beneficial for children to know about words that begin with H. That is because having this information can help them communicate effectively with others. Don’t forget to always integrate learning with fun activities that will make it easier for kids to remember all the new words starting with the letter H!

List of H words for kids

There are a lot of words that are easy for kids to learn which starts with the letter H. You can find a number of kid-friendly words in bedtime stories, kids’ tv shows, and even in everyday conversations. So for starters, check out these different words that we have listed which begins with the letter H:


List of kindergarten H words for kids


List of preschool H words for kids

Preschool words that start with the letter H


Names of things that start with the letter H

List of interesting things that start with the letter H


Photo by: Roman Odintsov

Names of foods that begin with the letter H

Check out our list of foods that start with the letter H


Names of Vegetables that start with the letter H

Take note of this list of Vegetables that start with the letter H


Names of fruits that start with the letter H

Review this list of fruits that start with the letter H


Cool words that start with the letter H

Kids are amazed with words that sound new and cool! There are a lot of words that start with the letter H that would be cool enough for your kids to remember. So to start their H vocabulary. here is a list of cool words that start with the letter H


Fun Words that start with the letter H

Kids love to have fun always, in any way and any time possible. Teach them words that are fun for their ears and hearts! There are many fun and happy words that start with the letter H. Check out our list of fun words that start with the letter H:


Positive words that start with the letter H

Every parent is as concerned with their kid’s knowledge and vocabulary as they are concerned with their character and behavior. Teaching them positive words will be a great help to build them a well-established vocabulary together with a great attitude towards other people. Here is a list of positive words that start with the letter H:


Photo by: Tanya Gorelova

List of vocabulary words that begin with the letter H

A great vocabulary is one of the keys to a kid’s success in life. That is why you have to start them young! Teach them the easy words first and work your way up to longer and more challenging ones. Always keep in mind that you need to be creative in teaching kids for them to remember all those words!

  • Halo
  • High
  • Honor
  • Hunk
  • Hot
  • Honest
  • Hopeful
  • Human
  • Huggable
  • Humility

3 letter words for kids that begin with the letter H

  • Hot
  • Ham
  • Hat
  • Hit
  • Hum
  • Hog

4 letter words for kids that start with the letter H

  • Hale
  • Heat
  • Have
  • Herb
  • Hard
  • Heal

5-letter words for kids that has the letter H at the beginning

  • Heart
  • Humor
  • Heard
  • Heals
  • Habit
  • Hairy

More 6-letter words with H at the start for kids

  • Habits
  • Happen
  • Hidden
  • Honest
  • Health
  • Galaxy

Activities that help children improve their knowledge about H words

Here are interesting activities that will make kids love to learn about H words. Letting children become engaged in activities can be great in helping them learn as it can provide a strong foundation that would allow kids to remember what they learn. For kids to learn words that begin with H, here are some amazing exercises that they can do:

Sing Songs and Recite Poems

Kids can learn so much about the letter H by reciting poems and singing songs. By doing this, they will become more familiar with the letter H and know that letter’s sound.

Here are some examples:

Hannah is happy playing hopscotch.

Hailey loves her little hamster.

Photo by: Mart Production

Make Beautiful Tracing Mats that have the Letter H

Allow the children to enjoy tracing the letter H using laminated mats and stencils. With this, you can encourage them to improve their writing skills. By doing this repeatedly, it would be easy for them to recognize letters very well.

Talk about the things that happened on that day – Make sure that it starts with the Letter H!

Let your child make stories of things that happened when they’re at school, at the playground, and at home. They can talk about the food and snacks that they ate and the activities they did. Make the kids use H words in each sentence and give points whenever they use them.

Enjoy an amazing game about travel with the Letter H

Whenever your child loves to go travelling, have them list down every place they want to visit anywhere in the world that starts with the letter H. They can include so many places in this list like Hawaii, Havana, and Hong Kong.

Have a great time listening to the beat of the music

Enjoy playing music then when it stops, the kid will do something that starts with the letter H. For this, they can do handprints, hopscotch, hand dance, or have an exciting game of hide-and-seek!

Grab anything that has the letter H at the beginning

Count until ten then make the children run and get any object that starts with H! They can go and grab anything from a hat, hotdog, ham, or handbag!

Work improving the decoration of the letter H

Parents and their kids can enjoy a collaborative activity of decorating the letter G. Here, children can be imaginative and creative in decorating their letter cutouts. They can have glitters and colors used so they will become artistic. With this activity, the kids will have the letter H registered well in their minds!

Create Beautiful DIY and Crafts

Teachers and parents can make the children improve their knowledge of the letter H. With this, they do various crafts and DIY. They can use cardboard to draw and cut out the image of a horse or carve out a hen with clay!

Make the kids do their best so they can get so many points. Whenever a lot of children are playing, they can record the scores they get and the one with the highest score will win! By doing this, you will see how the kids can master learning by using new words and improving their vocabulary!

Frequently Asked Questions on H Words For Kids

What are some of the H words for kids?

  • Hem
  • Hot
  • Hat
  • Hit
  • Hug
  • Him
  • Has
  • Hum
  • Hen
  • Husk

What are some of the Kindergarten H words for kids?

  • Head
  • Hard
  • Harm
  • Heal
  • Hear
  • Hand
  • Hay
  • Hill
  • Head
  • Hide

What could be great Preschool H Words for Kids?

  • Hatch
  • Heard
  • Handy
  • Harder
  • Hugged
  • Hood
  • Hoop
  • Hold
  • High
  • House

What are some of the easy words that start with the letter H?

  • Hat
  • Hum
  • Hem
  • Hit
  • Had
  • Hut
  • Hope
  • Honey
  • Hooray
  • Halo

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