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Best Writing Activities for Kids: An Intro to the World of Writing

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2 March, 2023


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Another milestone for your kid is about to unlock when they start writing! Once they learn the basics of writing, they won’t even have to stop because they will enjoy it. They might even look forward to writing more!

This is mainly because writing uses words, a powerful tool. They are magical and can move people in different ways. As early as now, kids can be inspired by the different writing activities made for them.

And when they start getting inspired with writing, it’s their turn to inspire other people, especially kids around them. This is how writing holds and maintains its power in this world.

Best and Inspiring Writing Activities for Kids

To start exploring the world of writing, they got to be inspired first by these activities. They also have a lot of expectations that they will be entertained while writing, so these inspiring activities are the best to get started on.

Start journaling

A great way to introduce writing to beginners is journaling, where they can be inspired to write the things they have accomplished for the day. They can start with what they ate for breakfast and end it with the lessons they learned from school. They can also start drawing in their journals if they don’t feel like writing first because the main goal here is to help express themselves freely.

Courtesy of Thought Catalog

Draw the words

Another great way to introduce words to them is through drawing, where you can give them a list of objects and let them draw them. You can also think of abstract concepts such as hope and kindness that will help them understand deeper meanings. They will have a great sense of the meanings of these words, which will inspire them to write about them.

Finish the stories

Think of short stories that will inspire them to write one. You can also give them incomplete stories, where they can fill in the blanks with short sentences and control the flow! They will practice their creativity and imagination skills in this inspiring activity.

Writing letters

This traditional form of writing will never get out of style because kids will not just be inspired to write for their special ones but also know how words are essential to people. Encourage them to write letters when there is a holiday, birthday, or no occasion! This will also set a good practice for letting them know the proper format of writing letters.

Be the author

Let your child be the author of their first book! Inspire them to write short essays about a given topic, or to make it more interesting, let them think of their topic. They will enjoy the writing process and love designing the whole book. This will make them feel that they have accomplished a great book in their life.

Courtesy of Jan Kahanek

Writing with chalk

It will also be a good exercise for them if they start writing with colorful chalk. Chalk can be written on chalkboards or clipboards and can be erased easily if the kids wish to. They can quickly write their answers and do other activities with chalk.

Make a path for adventure

Another great practice for their creativity and imagination skills is this activity, where kids can have an opportunity to write the next path for their story. Start a story and let their imagination take them on the adventure of writing the rest. This will make them connect their creative ideas to the story you have started.

Challenge their vocabulary

This is a wonderful process to establish their writing skills. First, give them a new word and explain it to them carefully. Next, encourage them to use the new word in a sentence. Lastly, let them be inspired by the sentence and make it a short, exciting story!

Create a grocery list

This might seem an easy writing activity for kids, but this will be a perfect example of inspiring them to write simple things in their everyday lives. They can write the groceries needed for the day and let them join you in buying them. As they walk through the grocery aisle, they will notice words of different items, and it will be fun to see them writing about them in the future.

Courtesy of Monika

Cut out names

This activity will let your kids learn about cursive writing! Get a lengthwise paper, fold it, and let the fold be at the bottom part. Guide them in writing their names in the cursive form in one half, and cut around carefully the upper side of the name. Unfold the paper to see the figure, and let your kids color the paper.

Five Tips to Hone Your Kid’s Writing Skills

Guiding your kid in their journey for writing is essential to them. Their imagination and creativity will be enhanced once they start writing. To help them start writing, and enjoy writing, here are five tips to guide them in their writing skills:

  1. Always prepare writing supplies

There will always be a time for inspiration in writing. Ensure they have a journal and a pencil with them when going out. When at home, prepare a writing desk with papers, pencils, erasers, and books.

  1. Inspire them to have a journal

A journal is a perfect inspiration for them to have an everyday entry. They could make an entry long or short, depending on the activities they did on that day. This is one way of encouraging them to write freely and without judgment. 

  1. Encourage them to write letters

Letters are beautiful things to receive from someone, and your kid will love to create for their loved ones! They can exercise their writing and will be familiar with the format of writing a letter. They can also be free to have their drafts and widen their experience in writing.

Courtesy of Pezibear

  1. Acknowledge their contribution

It is essential to let them know that writing has a great purpose in life. Make them feel that they are part of a significant contribution to the family by letting them write the grocery list or any other necessary things for the family. Always praise and acknowledge them for these great actions.

  1. Create their book

Completing a book feels like a wonderful and big achievement for the kids. Guide them in gathering papers and designs for their first-ever book. Inspire them to create short essays or stories to complete their book.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Writing Activities for Kids

What are some fun writing activities?

Writing everyday entries for a journal, completing a story through filling in the blanks, creating and completing a book, creating a path for the story flow, and cutting out names. These are all fun writing activities because all of these consist of writing stories. These also contain sharing their experiences and knowledge through writing and crafting.

What are writing activities for kids?

They can draw the given words, write letters to their families and friends, write using chalk, challenge their vocabulary by writing stories using new words, and create a grocery list. 

These are suitable writing activities for them because they will be familiarized with different words they can use in the future. These activities also inspire them to write to their special ones and let them feel they have an immense contribution to the people.

How can I make my kids writing more fun?

Encourage them to write creatively. They can use different writing equipment like pencils, colorful pens, and chalk. They can also draw to express themselves! Kids will also love to unleash their imagination skills by completing a story or even making their book. You can also incorporate crafts with writing, such as making cutouts with cursive names.

How do you teach a lazy child to write?

You can present them with a well-written structure to guide them in writing. In this way, they can be inspired to write, knowing they have a guide. You can also tell them they will be rewarded once they finish their writing tasks. You should also provide them with clear and consistent feedback to encourage them more in revising their drafts.

How can I improve my 7-year-olds writing skills?

Their writing activities should start with fun and exciting experiences. They will be encouraged to improve their writing skills if inspired and interested in their activities. Try to exercise their imagination and creative skills every day. You can also help them by checking their drafts and slowly giving feedback to them.

What are the five basic writing skills?

The five basic writing skills include spelling, capitalization, punctuation, handwriting and keyboarding, and sentence structure. Their writing skills are all essential in building a strong foundation for their writing. They can learn these skills in their everyday activities, and of course, with the help of their supportive parents and relatives.

What are the five basic tips to improve writing skills?

You can guide your kids in improving their writing skills by preparing their writing supplies everywhere they go. Second, inspire them to have a journal for their everyday entries. Third, encourage them to practice writing letters to their loved ones. Fourth, acknowledge their contributions by praising them for helping you write the grocery list. Fifth, let them create their first-ever book!

What are good writing tasks?

Writing letters and completing a story will practice the writing tasks of your children. Writing their book and making a creative path for a given story is also good for them. These inspiring activities will practice their thinking skills. They will also exercise their creative and imaginative skills, contributing to their writing skills, especially in the future.

How well can 5-year-olds write?

Their writing output is more creative enough now. They are now familiar with different letters and know different words. Their grip on pencils is now good, which helps them draw straight and curved lines. They also have control over colorful pencils and crayons. They can also pay longer attention and easily follow directions in writing.

Should a 5-year-old be able to write their name?

It will depend on your child, but remember that there is no target age for your child to write their name. They will draw a lot at around four and experiment with forming letters and lines. This sometimes will be the start of their journey in writing. 

At what age do kids start writing?

By four to five, they will start holding their pencils for scribbles. Later on, they will be able to draw different lines and structures. They will eventually start to trace the letters and become more familiar with them. Finally, they can now start writing letters.

Can most 4-year-olds write?

Yes, some can write letters, but you must follow the right process. It’s not healthy to expect them to begin writing comprehensible symbols just yet. At four, they will start to have their pencils and draw different lines. They must start tracing the letters and be familiar with them first. Then slowly, some of them can now start writing letters.

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