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18 Best Toys for Preschoolers

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24 February, 2023


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Whenever we talk about toys, we are always aiming for the best. But to emphasize the word “best,” toys given to them must inspire them to learn more. As Jean Piaget has quoted, “Play is the work of childhood.”

To further help them play, toys that spark their creativity and independence must be considered. With toys, they have control of their imagination, and they can develop the things in this world. These toys are not just inspiring but also make play more enjoyable.

This will have a good and significant factor as they grow older. To start, we covered lists of fun, educational toys for your preschoolers. 

The Best Toys for Preschoolers

All kids deserve to have these learning toys that could support their play. These are all fun toys to share with them while inspiring them to gain more knowledge in this world. Here is your chance to help them in the best way possible, so get ready to read this amazing list of educational toys:

Animal Toys

They would love these different animals inside the playroom. Their curiosity for wildlife and nature is now in their hands, plus, they can imagine freely while playing with them! This also encourages animal creativity and awareness and is an excellent start for loving science.

Photo from Cottonbro studio

Rainbow Dominoes

Every child loves rainbows and will be thrilled to see these dominoes in every color. Dominoes encourage intense cause-and-effect situations that help kids be aware of spaces and objects. They can also exercise their thinking skills in balancing and building the dominoes until they reach the end.

Stacking Wooden Stones

Stones have different shapes and sizes that make them more challenging to stack! They will have an independent experience for hand and eye coordination, as well as for their observation and motor skills. They will have a fun and tricky play while they practice basic sorting and math principles.

Alphabet Puzzle

Kids may now be familiar with some of the letters, and this puzzle will make them learn more. This alphabet puzzle will help them start with the basic spelling and words! They will also love to match, memorize, and recognize letters and place them in the right places.

Also, children can now be introduced to reading! This will be a massive part of their preparation for preschool.

People Toys

These little people toys are great for pretend and imaginative play! They will be familiar with themselves and can freely examine other people. They can also develop their math skills for counting the people in this set!

This toy is also great for developing their social and emotional skills. They can play with other kids and can role-play with their chosen people. As they grow up, this will help them build good relationships with their family and friends nearby.

Photo from Markus Spiske

Inflatable Fort

We will never go wrong with this air fort, where kids can practice sensory play! They can move, jump safely, and crawl inside, making a great and fun experience for their gross motor skills. They can also have a great slumber party here, where they can read stories and play engaging games with their friends!

Fun and Learning Toys for Boys

Every preschooler boy will be interested in these educational toys. This will help them to grow and inspire other kids as they become familiar with these toys.

Dragon Play Set

A great wild adventure will be made with this dragon play set, where kids can explore with their imagination skills. They can also exercise their science and math learning with the big creatures and the different obstacles they will encounter. This play set also encourages pretend and role-play!

Jigsaw Puzzles

A good open-ended toy where kids can freely express their creativity and imagination through puzzle pieces. They can have a lot of puzzles to finish, where they can be familiar with different animals, people, places, and other objects! They will also have a good start with their problem-solving skills and fine motor skills as they go along.

Excavator Crane

A great toy for outdoors is this excavator crane, where kids can use their great imagination skills for digging! This can practice their grip strength to move things around with the two-handed controls. They can also do an exercise for their hand and eye coordination, and a good play for the outdoors!

LEGO bricks

Another great example of STEM learning which enhances their discovery and challenges in this world. They can be inspired to build houses, different modes of transportation, and animals with their creative minds. This is also a great introduction to their hand and eye coordination and fine motor skills.

Photo from Adyant Pankaj

Take-apart Vehicle Toys

Kids will progress their problem-solving skills by building and taking apart these toys. The large pieces are made to mix and match through their fine motor skills and hand-and-eye coordination. They will also learn different shapes and colors and be familiarized with fun, engaging vehicles to play with.

Board Games

Kids will enjoy these awesome board games, where they can build their concentration and planning skills. Different board games require different strategies and lots of problem solving too! They can also enhance their logical thinking with their different challenges.

Engaging and Learning Toys for Girls

There’s so much fun in learning, so get ready to choose the best toys for your kids! These amazing toys will make them be inspired and be more powerful in their childhood play.

Tea Set

Let kids enjoy these tea set toys, where they can have an interactive tea party with friends. This will make pretend play and boost their gross and fine motor skills. Kids will also know how to arrange the teapots and tea cups properly, and they will enjoy how to make tea!

Another good thing here is they can make this tea set party inside or even outside. They can prepare a picnic outside, where they can freely serve and eat most enjoyably. 

Photo from Jill Wellington


A great opportunity to practice language and communication skills is with this walkie-talkie. Every kid will enjoy speaking up for themselves, even a mile away! This is also perfect for camping or hiking with family and friends.

Walkie-talkies will also be great, even just at home. You can talk to your kid if they are in their rooms, or if you’re playing a game. Kids can also do pretend play and can do a lot of gross motor skills while talking.

Mini Theater

This is a cool mini theater to set up for your kids! This will make wild imaginative, and creative skills for them. They can also bring out some puppets and master their motor and communication skills while performing onstage. 

Mini theaters will also boost their confidence as they keep the entertainment on board. They will love to enhance their social and learning skills with this show.

Kitchen Play Set

This is another good chance for kids to have their creativity skills develop. They can have a mini role play while cooking different meals. They can also practice their physical and motor skills and be familiar with the different kitchen utensils.

Their language and social skills can also be developed once they talk about what food they will prepare and what comes next to do. This will also increase their critical thinking skills as they pretend to cook meals.

Photo from Tatiana Syrikova

Magnetic Drawing Board

This magnetic board is a classic entertaining and learning toy, where kids can make doodles fun!

They can learn how to write or practice their creative sketches. They can also draw shapes and create messages that will make them proud to show everyone!

This is a great example of STEAM learning and will help develop fine motor skills and hand and eye coordination. Kids will also start to love arts, and explore more of it as they grow up!

Brain Games

Preschool kids are ready for brain games, so make sure to make the most of it! There are many features in these games where kids can enjoy learning about numbers, shapes, colors, and words. Their critical thinking and grasping skills for different objects will also be developed in the most fun and engaging way. 

How to Choose the Best Toys for Preschoolers

The best toys will be the ones that inspire them to look forward to the things they are curious about. Preschoolers want to have more active play and make their imagination go powerful. They are also now open to more social and learning development, so we have to make the best toys possible to be in their hands.

With this, consider these four main points:

  1. Choose open-ended toys

Open-ended toys can be used in fun and different engaging ways. Children are encouraged to move freely and maximize their imagination, so these toys are beneficial. They can have a good introduction to innovations, and their logical thinking skills will further develop.

Photo from Paige Cody

  1. Toys should also promote problem-solving skills

Preschoolers are now in the stage where they want to be more independent with their toys. They want full control even if they are still not familiar with some objects found in their toys. With this, they will explore and practice their problem-solving skills as they go along.

  1. Check the materials used

Always have a good check for the materials used, even if it is just a small one. Toys should be made with non-toxic materials and paints. They also must contain features that can be easily cleaned.

  1. Do not forget the edges

The edges of the toys must also be smooth to ensure the safety of the children. We should not forget to check the sides because there are sides that are made with pointy and sharp objects. This will be harmful, so always check the edges to avoid accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions on Best Toys for Preschoolers

What type of toys will be ideal for a preschooler?

Toys that promote problem-solving skills, such as jigsaw puzzles, board games, and interactive kitchen play sets. Toys that require objects to sort, such as stacking wooden stones and take-apart toys, can also help develop children’s solving skills. These toys have different features and fundamental movements to keep the play going, so these are all better practices for the kids.

What is the most popular toy in 2022?

Board games and inflatable forts will never go out of style. These toys belong to the hottest toys for 2022 because they promote STEM learning and develop gross and fine motor skills for kids. Board games also have different features and game styles that children will never get bored of, plus they enjoy while learning. Forts also enhance their imaginative skills, which kids always love to do.

Which toy is most appropriate for a 3-year-old?

The toys can help them develop their thinking and learning skills, including the alphabet puzzle. Three-year-olds are now up for a bigger challenge and ready to match and memorize basic letters. If they are already familiar with the letters, they can now practice recognizing them in other places. It will also be a good start for them to read!

What toys can help a child’s development?

Puzzles that contain alphabets and different board games. Introducing them to these educational toys will help them develop their coordination and logical thinking. Practicing them with jigsaw puzzles will also help them to enhance their spatial skills, where they learn how to relate these objects to other things in this world.

What toys do kids really need?

Kids need open-ended and STEAM learning toys to fully develop their overall growth. Open-ended toys have many ways to play, while STEAM toys help kids strengthen their educational skills to prepare for preschool. Examples are stacking stones, dominoes, puzzles, board games, role-playing for mini theater, and so on.

What things do preschoolers like?

Preschoolers love to explore and use their imagination to the fullest, so they will be happy to have animal and people toys, LEGO bricks, take-apart toys, and drawing boards. They enjoy learning about the different things in this world and have it in their hands. They love to manipulate and take complete control of their toys while having their creative minds.

What toys help with social skills?

Toys that are good for interacting are great, such as toys that contain people. People figures can help kids boost their pretend and role play, and this is great if they have family or friends to play with. 

Inflatable forts can also help, since this is a huge place for kids to play. Play sets such as kitchen, mini puppet theater, and dragon play sets will help kids practice their social skills and develop their confidence.

What toys help develop gross motor skills?

An inflatable fort and excavator crane will help kids enhance their gross motor skills, for these toys let them move freely in a more productive way. They can crawl and jump in the fort, while they can move their hands and examine its strength for the excavator. 

Tea set parties will also help develop their gross motor skills because kids can hop and play, develop their motor planning about making and serving tea, and so on.

What toys help with social and emotional development?

Toys that contain people! People figures are very interesting to play with, and kids will be more curious about themselves. Mini theaters also develop their social and emotional skills, since they can role play with their friends and have emotional feelings toward the story. 

Kitchen play sets are also good for their development skills because they can have different interactions while happily playing cook with their friends.

What toys should kids avoid?

Kids should avoid toys that have sharp and pointy edges. Toxic materials and paints used for the toys should also be avoided, for these might cause harm and injury to the kids.

 Ensure that the toys are not too loud because kids may harm their ears, leading to early hearing loss. Toys should also be not too large or not too small, because this might harm them and might choke some small parts.

What kinds of toys encourage language?

The walkie-talkie highly encourages language development for kids! This toy will make them love to talk and communicate properly even if the person they are talking to is far enough from them. 

Animal and people toys, kitchen and dragon play sets, and mini theater will also enhance their speech because they can play creative role-play as adults.

What are the best toys for intellectual development?

Puzzles, stacking stones, and board games will help kids to develop their intellectual skills. They will be introduced to problem-solving, logical thinking, and coordination skills as they play with these learning toys. 

They will be familiar with different things and learn how to operate them. They can also have different strategies to keep the play going, and you will indeed be surprised by their thinking and moves!

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